About company

Zet Electro North-West LLC is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of lighting and electrical solutions in the field of retail.
The solutions produced by our company are used to solve technical problems in the field of lighting:

  • Trading
  • trade and refrigeration
  • Neutral
  • adware
  • jewelry and other equipment ..

Today, we have comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

  • ZTL project - is a lighting system for commercial refrigeration and shelving equipment, including: various versions of LED fixtures, suspension systems and fixtures, lighting fixtures for lighting installation and various connectors, power supplies in various performance
  • ZAL project - solutions for the advertising industry, including: LED modules for advertising structures, lighting system for large advertising carriers, sealed IP68 power supplies
  • ZJL project - thin, light and almost inconspicuous lighting solutions for jewelry showcases, including: various versions of LED lamps, suspension systems and fixtures, lighting fixtures for lighting installation and various connectors, power supplies in various designs
  • ZPS project - power supplies for interior and street use;

Our ideology

  • "Our final product is a set of measures" - by offering you work with us, we are not only talking about a specific solution or product, we are talking with you about a set of measures ... warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, partnership, financial ... and others, ensuring that, we can guarantee you a stable job and a confident partnership with us;
  • "Simple solutions" - we believe that the time of heavy, technologically complex and incomprehensible solutions in the field of lighting and electrical engineering has long been in the past. Each product made in our company, following the trends of the modern market, is designed as simple, convenient, understandable, interchangeable and ergonomic
  • "Win-Win" - we strive to build relationships in such a way that each of our partners is satisfied with the end result and try our best not to allow "one-sidedness" of the relationship;

History of the Company

  • 2011 - the year the company was founded; the main activity was the distribution of electrical products
  • 2012 - the period of active development of the North-West market, expansion of sales channels and formation of a portfolio of regular customers
  • 2013 - is the year the second half of which we dedicated to the implementation of ideas for the creation of the ZTL-Trade project
  • 2014 - the start of sales of ZTL-Trade products and the launch of a small assembly plant in St. Petersburg
  • 2015 - expanding the ZTL-Trade product line and increasing production capacity
  • 2016 - launch of the plastic injection molding shop, development of ZAL and ZPS products
  • 2017 - expanding the range of ZTL-Trade products, starting sales of ZAL products
  • 2018 - opening of extrusion shop, development of ZJL products

Contract production of lighting and electrical products

On the basis of our production, we can offer you services for contract manufacturing of lighting and electrical products for individual requirements.
For realization of projects of contract production we can provide you:

  • complex product design with detailed study of the technical problem and optimization of the costs of the finished product
  • full-size working product layout using 3D printing technology
  • necessary for production of snap-molds and spinnerets
  • casting of necessary plastic parts (PVC, polycarbonate)
  • extrusion of light-transmitting elements and body elements (PVC, polycarbonate)
  • assembly, packaging and marking of finished products
  • in the case of long-term projects, we will ensure stable production and supply