Zet Electro North-West LLC company designs, produces and distributes solutions in electrical and lighting technologies. Currently we have three product branches:

  • ZTL (Zet Trading Light) - Lighting systems for refrigeration equipment based on LED light sources
  • ZAL (Zet Advertising Light) - Lighting products and solutions for advertising market
  • ZPS (Zet Power Supplies) - Power suppliers for LED light sources

Our ideas

First of all we consider our products to be technical solutions those can be used in different areas for many purposes. That’s why we think our main goal is to identify needs and tasks our customers want to solve. We make and deliver targeted and sometimes unique offers that can fully satisfy them. We do our best to provide the best service for our customers so the process of the purchasing our products becomes convenient, clear and fast as much as possible.

History of the Company

  • 2011 year - the year of the company establishment and start of work as a electric light techniques developer
  • 2012 year - increasing of the growth rate, expanding selling channels and making new projects
  • 2013 year - starting developing the ZTL-Trade project, making essential material base and setting production process, making the first products
  • 2014 year - starting of active selling ZTL-Trade products and opening compiling production line in Saint-Petersburg
  • 2015 year - expanding ZTL-Trade branch with new products and rising production power to full serial production
  • 2016 year - start of work in our new plastic molding facilities, starting ZAL and ZPS projects
  • 2017 year - opening of active sales for ZAL and ZPS branches

Concomitant features

Basing on our production facilities we can offer you contract for making lighting and electrical products using your own needs and parameters. In this process we will do:

  • Making project with thorough examining technical description
  • Full-sized layout building using 3D-print technologies
  • Making press-forms and dies for serial making of your products
  • Casting and extrusion of needed parts
  • Making material base in Russia and Asia