Zet Electro North-West LLC – is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of lighting and electrical solutions in the field of retail.

Products manufactured by our company are used to solve technical problems in the field of lighting:

  • – trade
  • – commercial refrigeration
  • – neutral
  • – advertising
  • – jewelry
  • – exhibition and other equipment

Today we have solutions and products in the following areas:

Project ZTL

Lighting system for commercial refrigeration and shelving equipment, which includes: various options for LED lamps, a system of suspensions and fixtures, lighting braids for lighting installation and various connectors, power supplies in various designs

Project ZJL

Thin, light and almost invisible solutions for lighting jewelry showcases, including: various options for LED lamps, a system of suspensions and fixtures, lighting braids for lighting installation and various connectors, power supplies in various designs

Project ZAL

Solutions for the advertising industry, including: LED modules for advertising structures, lighting system for large advertising media, IP68 sealed power supplies

Project ZPS

Power supplies for various climatic conditions (IP20 / IP44 / IP68), in various types of cases (plastic and metal), with the possibility of modification for specific tasks

Our ideology


We try to build relationships so that each partner is satisfied with the result.

“Ease of decision”

Each of our products is designed to be simple, interchangeable and ergonomic.

“A product is a set of measures”

For us they are not separable: production, financial and partnership working conditions

“Openness and honesty”

We believe that the basis of any partnership is an open and direct relationship

Company History

  • This year we are preparing a significant update of the range of power supplies, the development of an updated series of fixtures, which will be based on a conceptually different idea of an approach to lighting equipment.

  • This year was associated with the successful opening of an extrusion workshop and access to serial production of components.
    In this year we presented a significantly updated and revised range of products of the ZTL-Trade series

    2019 – en
  • The year began the serial production of its own line of power supplies. This year, preparations were made for the opening of an extrusion workshop and the development of the ZJL-Trade project, an easy and practically invisible lighting system for jewelry display cases

  • We have actively developed the ZTL-Trade and ZAL projects. This year, a project was launched to create and market its own line of power supplies in a plastic case, which allowed us to expand the functionality of this group of products

  • It was the year of the opening of the plastic injection shop, which in turn laid the trend for the development of production localization. This year, our company developed and launched the ZAL series products for lighting advertising constructions

  • Continuing the development of the ZTL-Trade project, we started developing new products and, thanks to the expansion of the sales market, increased production capacities in St. Petersburg. This year we completely localized the assembly in Russia

  • It began with the start of active promotion of the ZTL-Trade series products on the Russian market. Toward the end of the year, we decided to open a small assembly plant in St. Petersburg

  • The second half of the year was completely devoted to the development and creation of the ZTL-Trade project, which was invented by our company and for the first time contract manufacturing was carried out in China;

  • It has become a year of active market development for our company. During this period, long-term agreements were concluded with companies in the oil and gas industry and industry, and supplies were made for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi

  • The year the company was officially founded. At the beginning of our journey, our company was engaged in the distribution of electrical products in the North-West region. We began to supply products to the leading enterprises of the region.